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Mar 23, 2018

Comprehensive Therapy for Reactive Attachment Disorder, Attachment Issues, and Relational Problems

Welcome to the website of Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD. We provide exceptional therapy services in Ridgewood, NJ, focused on helping individuals and families overcome various attachment and relational issues. Our highly experienced and compassionate therapist, Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, is dedicated to offering personalized and effective counseling to support your well-being and transform your possibilities for a healthier and happier life.

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is a complex mental health condition that primarily affects children who have experienced significant emotional neglect, abuse, or disruptions in their early life attachments. It can have a profound impact on their ability to form healthy and secure relationships later in life.

Understanding Attachment Issues

Attachment issues refer to difficulties in forming and maintaining secure emotional connections with others. These issues may arise due to a variety of factors, including childhood trauma, unstable family environments, or neglect. Individuals with attachment issues often struggle with trust, intimacy, and emotional regulation.

Addressing Relational Problems

Relational problems can occur within any type of relationship, such as within families, romantic partnerships, or friendships. These problems might manifest as communication breakdowns, conflicts, or a general sense of disconnection. In therapy, we work closely with individuals and families to improve relational dynamics, enhance communication skills, and foster healthier connections.

Compassionate and Effective Therapy

At Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, we understand the impact that attachment and relational issues can have on your overall well-being. We offer a compassionate and safe space for individuals and families to explore their challenges, gain insight, and develop effective coping strategies.

Our therapy sessions are tailored to your unique needs, utilizing evidence-based approaches and therapeutic interventions. Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, works collaboratively with clients to create customized treatment plans designed to address the root causes of attachment and relational difficulties.

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy is a valuable tool for individuals and families struggling with attachment and relational issues. Through therapy, you can:

  • Gain insight into the underlying causes of your attachment difficulties
  • Develop healthier coping strategies
  • Strengthen emotional regulation skills
  • Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Build trust and establish secure relationships
  • Work through past traumas or unresolved issues

Why Choose Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD?

Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, is a highly qualified and experienced licensed clinical social worker who specializes in attachment and relational issues. With a deep understanding of RAD, attachment theory, and evidence-based therapeutic modalities, Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, provides expert guidance and support to individuals and families seeking transformative change in their lives.

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If you or a loved one are struggling with reactive attachment disorder, attachment issues, or relational problems, Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, is here to help. Our therapy services in Ridgewood, NJ, are designed to empower individuals and families to overcome challenges, develop stronger connections, and lead fulfilling lives.

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