Properties for Sale in Antalya Turkey

Dec 26, 2023


Welcome to Real Estate Belek, your trusted source for finding exceptional properties for sale in Antalya, Turkey. With our expertise in real estate agents, property management, and a deep understanding of the local market, we are committed to assisting you in finding your dream property in one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

Why Invest in Antalya, Turkey?

Antalya, located on the stunning Turkish Riviera, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a thriving real estate market. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, Antalya attracts millions of visitors each year, making it an excellent location for property investment.

The region's Mediterranean climate, with long summers and mild winters, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a year-round paradise. Antalya is also known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear blue sea, and the iconic Taurus Mountains providing a scenic backdrop.

Real Estate Agents in Antalya

At Real Estate Belek, we have a network of highly professional and experienced real estate agents who specialize in the Antalya region. Our agents are well-versed in the local market trends, property laws, and investment opportunities, ensuring that you receive the best guidance throughout your property search.

Properties for Sale

Whether you are looking for a luxurious villa, a charming apartment, or a spacious land plot to build your dream home, Real Estate Belek offers a diverse portfolio of properties for sale in Antalya. Our listings cater to various budgets, preferences, and locations, ensuring that we have something for everyone.

Luxury Villas

If you seek the ultimate in luxury living, our selection of exquisite villas will captivate your imagination. From modern architectural masterpieces to charming traditional-style villas, each property is built to the highest standards, offering luxurious features such as private pools, spacious gardens, and breathtaking views.

Stylish Apartments

If you prefer the convenience of an apartment, we have a range of stylish options available. Our apartments are designed with modern lifestyles in mind, featuring contemporary finishes, state-of-the-art amenities, and proximity to shops, restaurants, and other essential facilities.

Land Plots

For those envisioning their dream home from scratch, we offer an excellent selection of land plots in Antalya. Choose your preferred location and let our team assist you in bringing your vision to life. With our connections to reputable architects and builders, we can help you create a custom-designed property that meets your exact specifications.

Property Management Services

Real Estate Belek not only assists in finding your ideal property but also offers comprehensive property management services. We understand that owning a property in a foreign country can be daunting, which is why our dedicated team is here to take care of all the necessary tasks on your behalf.

Our property management services encompass property maintenance, regular inspections, rent collection, and finding reliable tenants. We ensure that your investment remains well-maintained and profitable, providing you with peace of mind, whether you reside in Antalya or abroad.


If you are searching for properties for sale in Antalya, Turkey, Real Estate Belek is your trusted partner. With our proficient team of real estate agents, a wide range of property listings, and comprehensive property management services, we are dedicated to making your property search and ownership experience seamless and enjoyable.

Explore our website, browse our listings, and let us assist you in finding the perfect property that suits your lifestyle, preferences, and investment goals. Start your journey towards owning a piece of paradise in Antalya today!

properties for sale in antalya turkey