Private Student Accommodation in Oxford

Oct 27, 2023

Are you a student planning to study in Oxford? Finding suitable accommodation is one of the most important aspects of your university experience. Unilodgers provides the best private student accommodation options in Oxford, ensuring you have a comfortable and convenient stay during your studies.

Why Choose Private Student Accommodation?

When it comes to student accommodation, there are various options to consider, such as university halls, shared houses, and private student accommodation. However, private student accommodation offers numerous benefits that make it a preferred choice among students.

Convenience and Comfort

Private student accommodation provides students with a hassle-free experience. With facilities like fully-furnished rooms, private bathrooms, and communal spaces, you can enjoy a comfortable and homely environment that encourages productivity and relaxation.

High-Speed Internet

In today's digital age, internet access is crucial for students to succeed in their studies. Most private student accommodation options offered by Unilodgers are equipped with high-speed internet, ensuring you can stay connected and access online resources without any interruptions.


Your safety is a top priority. Private student accommodation in Oxford typically comes with 24/7 security measures in place, including CCTV surveillance, secure entry systems, and on-site staff to ensure a safe living environment for all residents.

Unilodgers - Your Trusted Accommodation Partner

Unilodgers is a leading provider of student accommodation in numerous cities around the world. Our goal is to help students find the perfect place to stay, tailored to their preferences and budget. Here's why you can trust Unilodgers:

  • Extensive Selection: With a wide range of private student accommodation options, Unilodgers has something for everyone. Whether you prefer a studio apartment or a shared flat, you're sure to find the ideal place to call home.
  • Verified Properties: We understand the importance of reliable information. All the properties listed on our website are verified to ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind when making your decision.
  • Transparent Pricing: At Unilodgers, we believe in transparency. Our pricing is upfront and includes all necessary utilities and services, so you won't have any hidden surprises.
  • Expert Advice: Our team of accommodation experts is here to help you every step of the way. From understanding your requirements to booking your perfect accommodation, our dedicated staff provide personalized assistance throughout the process.

Explore Oxford - The Perfect Student City

Oxford, known as the "City of Dreaming Spires," is a historic and vibrant city that offers an enriching experience for students. Here are some of the reasons why Oxford is an excellent choice for your studies:

World-Class Universities

Oxford is home to prestigious universities like the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University. Studying in Oxford provides you with access to world-class education and opportunities to learn from renowned professors and researchers.

Cultural Hub

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Oxford. The city is filled with museums, art galleries, theaters, and historical landmarks. From the Ashmolean Museum to the Bodleian Library, there's always something to explore and inspire your academic journey.

Green Spaces

Oxford offers a perfect blend of urban and natural spaces. The city is surrounded by stunning green landscapes, parks, and gardens, providing students with peaceful retreats for relaxation and recreation.

Thriving Student Community

Oxford has a vibrant student community, with a range of academic and social clubs, societies, and sports teams to join. You'll have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and make lifelong friendships.

Find Your Perfect Accommodation with Unilodgers

Unilodgers makes finding private student accommodation in Oxford easy and stress-free. Our intuitive website allows you to browse through a variety of options, filter based on your preferences, and compare properties to make an informed decision.

Don't compromise on comfort, convenience, and security when it comes to your student accommodation. Choose Unilodgers and enjoy a memorable and fulfilling university experience in Oxford.

If you're looking for private student accommodation in Oxford, visit Unilodgers today and start your search!

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