Jul 5, 2020

About Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH

Welcome to the transformative therapy services offered by Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH, at Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD. With years of experience and a compassionate approach, Zelik brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of mental health.

Experience a New Level of Mental Health Support

At Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, we understand the importance of finding the right mental health professional to guide you on your journey towards personal growth and healing. That's why our therapy services, led by Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH, are designed to provide you with a supportive and nurturing environment.

Comprehensive Therapy Approaches

Our approach is grounded in evidence-based therapies that have proven to be effective in addressing a wide range of mental health challenges. Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH, employs various therapeutic modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Psychodynamic Therapy to tailor treatment to the unique needs of each individual.

Addressing Mental Health Concerns

Our therapy services cater to individuals struggling with various mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationship issues, and more. We provide a safe space for you to express yourself, gain insight, and develop effective coping strategies.

Why Choose Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH

Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH, stands out for his exceptional dedication to his clients' well-being. With a strong background in mental health, Zelik combines expertise, empathy, and compassion to guide you towards transformation and growth.

Client-Centered Approach

Zelik believes that therapy should be tailored to meet your individual needs. He takes the time to listen and understand your unique circumstances, creating a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your goals and values.

Holistic Wellness Perspective

Recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, Zelik takes a holistic approach to mental health. He integrates complementary and alternative practices such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based techniques into his therapy sessions, promoting overall well-being.

Begin Your Journey Towards Healing

If you are seeking professional mental health support, Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD, with Zelik S. Mintz, LCSW, CCH, is here to help. Take the first step towards transformative therapy by scheduling an appointment today. We are here to support you every step of the way on your path to personal growth and healing.

Get in Touch

Contact Susan H Dowell, LCSW, BCD to book your therapy session or to inquire about our services. We look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Charles Ewen
Zelik S. Mintz has transformed my mental health! 🌟 Highly recommend his therapy services. 💯
Nov 11, 2023